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Mercedes Van Gallery


  • 2006 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • 4.5 Tonne GVM

Gear List

Van package can be configured to order prior to booking.

6x300mm scaff tube
8x500mm scaff tube
8x750mm scaff tube
8x1m scaff tube
8x2mm scaff tube
2x6m scaff tube
2x5m scaff tube
50x Right-angle clamps
10x swivels
30x wraps
5x girder clamps
5x swivel girder clamps
5x external joiners
5x big bens
1x vertical euro scaff mount
1x rigging snap plate
4x cadellinis
4x rigging knuckles
2x large magic arms
2x3m scaff planks
2x2.4x1.2 18m plywood
Track Underlay
1x large crate assorted wedges
1x large crate 4x2 blocks
Assorted timber lengths
30x sleepers
1x sprit level
American apple boxes
8x full apple boxes
8x half apple boxes
8x quarter apple boxes
8x pancakes
Dollies and Accessories
1x flatbed panther
1x off set bowl
1x trophy bowl
50 foot track
1x 100mm/750mm extendable riser
1x set tracking wheels or panther
2x full body harness
10x daisy chains
10x long slings
10x short slings
15x carabineer
3x self locking cams
1x dumar
1x large crate assorted ropes
1x climbing rope 40mm
Weather and Protection
1x large crated assorted tarps
2x ari media camera brolleys
1x furniture blanket
Assorted towels
Assorted bags
Camera bags
6x sand bags
Mobile Workshop
1x6 bin wurth cabinet-nuts, bolts
Assorted screws and fasteners
1x shovel
1x spade
1x grubber
1x 1 kilowatt generator
5x quick gripps
1x large crate assorted load binders
1x large crate assorted power tools
1x extenable ladder 1.4m-5m

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Additional Notes

  • All Chief Grips scaffolding tube is black anodized aluminium.
  • Chief Grips uses American style apple boxes.